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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
plant walking stick palm ; palm, walking stick nyumin [more]
animal wallaby junygan [more]
animal wallaby, black scrub ; black scrub wallaby jumgam, jumgan, jun.gam [more]
animal wallaby, old male wangan [more]
animal Wallaby, Pretty-faced (Y:Alln) ; Pretty-faced Wallaby (Y:Alln) ; whiptailed wallaby (Y:Watsn) ; wallaby, whiptailed (Y:Watsn) ; rock wallaby (Y:Hanln) ; wallaby, rock (Y:Hanln) wanggir [more]
animal wallaby, red river girihban, girihwan [more]
animal wallaby, rock- magun [more]
animal wallaby, scrub ; scrub wallaby girbin [more]
bird wampoo pigeon ; green pigeon ; pigeon, green ; pigeon, wampoo mamugany [more]
people Wangerriburra clan wanggirbar [more]
want ; like ; desiring ; wanting ; wishing for ; desiderative -gi (Wi), -gir (M) [more]
wash something ; soak janba- [more]
location wasp place yahwulbah [more]
natural_environment water guhng [more]
natural_environment water gung, gwong [more]
natural_environment water jabil [more]
bird water kingfisher ; kingfisher, water ding-ding [more]
bird water-hen ; hen, water- gibin [more]
people water-rail bird ; bird, water-rail ; old woman ; woman, old mirang [more]
plant water-weed ; seaweed murang [more]
natural_environment waterhole birany [more]
natural_environment waterhole gubunggah (gung-gubunggah), gung-gubung [more]
plant waterlily muyum [more]
plant wattle species gamir-gamir [more]
plant wattle tree durubi (?) [more]
plant wattle tree mudja(?) [more]
plant wattle, black ; black wattle jumaw [more]
plant wattle, green ; green wattle jayi [more]
natural_environment waves of sea ; sea waves yarbam (yarabam?) [more]
we (intransitive subject) ngali [more]
we and you ngali-wahlu [more]
weak nahr-djam [more]
wear (clothes) gahbali-, garbali- [more]
bird wedge-tailed eagle ; eagle, wedge-tailed ; eagle (generic) ; hawk (generic), eaglehawk (wedgetail) mibany [more]
plant weeds duluhm [more]
body_part weep ; cry ; wail for ; mourn dung- [more]
body_part well, to do (Gd) ; carefully, do (Gd) ; heal (Wa) ; correctly, do (Wa) ; correct, be (Wa) bugalma- [more]
natural_environment west wind ; wind, west dugan.gay [more]
wet jabang [more]
what ; something ; question marker nyang [more]
what for ; why minyahgu [more]
what is wrong? binyang [more]
what....want nyahgi [more]
language what? ; something ; how ; Minyangbal dialect minyang [more]
time when windjigan [more]
time when? yindjahgan [more]
location where wunda [more]
where (to) windjigu [more]
location where (to), somewhere, in what place?, some place yila (Bj), yile (Ny), yili (M) [more]
location where ; somewhere yindji, windji (nydj) [more]
location where ; where, to yilahgu [more]
location where ; where, to yindjagu, yindjigu (nydj) [more]
time where after windjigahl, yindjigahl (nydj) [more]
time where after yindjigahl, windjigahl (nydj) [more]
location where from wundjigal [more]
location where the river enters the sea ; Ballina baluna [more]
location where to wundjigu [more]
location where? ; in what place? ; some place yile, yili, yila [more]
location where? ; somewhere yindji, windji [more]
which minyangahnga [more]
while ; where ; when -nyun, -nyan [more]
reptile whip snake, large ; snake, whip (large) mih baralany [more]
bird whiptail nyimar [more]
natural_environment whirlwind buluhlmang, bulwang, buhwulmang, buwulmang [more]
natural_environment whirlwind wungaw [more]
language whisper yadjgali- [more]
whistle wungumbil, wungumbili- [more]
whistle wungunga-, wunggun.ga- etc. [more]
plant white cedar ; cedar, white ; Tyalgar place name daygil(gah) [more]
people white man ; man, white dagayu, dagayiyu [more]
people white man ; man, white jagay [more]
people white man ; white woman ; man, white ; woman, white dagarigay (m), dagarigaygan (f) [more]
people white woman ; woman, white dagay milbir (?) [more]
people white woman ; woman, white jundal [more]
people white woman ; woman, white waymehrigan, wanymehri, wanymehrigan [more]
people white working man ; man, white working garabi(h) [more]
fish whiting juhdjan [more]
who? ; somebody ; someone ngahn, ngehn [more]
who? ; somebody ; someone ngehn, ngahn [more]
who? ; somebody ; someone ngihn (Wi), ngehn (M), ngahn (Ng) [more]
whose ngahna [more]
why ; what for minyanggu, minyanggay [more]
wide balbarim [more]
wide birahng [more]
bird wide nungan [more]
people widower ; widow (resp.) gunimbagawgan, ganimbagaw [more]
people wife nyuhgalbinygan [more]
people wife yugalbinygan [more]
people wife (?) jabanggan [more]
people wife ; wife's sister ; sister in law (wife's sister) nyubanggan [more]
people wife's mother ; mother-in-law (man???s) bugay (bagay?) [more]
wild (Gn) garum [more]
animal wild cat ; native cat ; cat (native or wild) bandjim, banydjim [more]
animal wild game ; game, wild ; native animals ; animals, native ; bush food ; food, bush ; bush food animals gudjim [more]
bird wild pheasant ; pheasant, wild galbil [more]
natural_environment wind burginy [more]
natural_environment wind yargeh [more]
bird wing ; fin yahr, yehr [more]
wings ; winged yurahr [more]
time winter waringihn [more]
wish ; crave yin.gahya-, yin.gahyi- [more]
without -jam [more]
people woman miranggan-gali [more]
people woman's brother's son (Wi:Curr:Richmond) ; man's sister's son nyugun [more]
artifact woman's fighting stick ; stick, woman's fighting galgur(u) [more]
people woman, Aboriginal wulbang, jalgany [more]
people woman, one's ; wife, one's dubaydjal [more]
people woman-lover ; fond of women dubay-gali [more]
reptile wood adder bulam [more]
bird wood duck gambawir, gambirwir, gambabin [more]
wood, cut or broken ; timber, milled barehny [more]
bird woodpecker ; jay mirun [more]
language word ; utterance ; language ; talk ; talking gurgun [more]
work ; work for something wahngma-, wahng [more]
bird wren (Y:Sha) ; finch, redhead (Y:Hanlon) julihm-julihm [more]
wrestle biyama- [more]
body_part wrist mamuh, madjmun (?) [more]
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