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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
location Tabooba jabuhba [more]
location Tabragalba jabirgalba(h) [more]
take care ; be careful nyah-nyah-nyah! [more]
language talk wulah [more]
language talk (to someone) gurgunma- [more]
language talk ; talking gurbun [more]
people talker ; talkative gurgun.gali [more]
tall ; long garahr [more]
tall ; long gurahr, guraleg [more]
location Tallabudgeree jalubadjuru [more]
location Tamborine dam birihn [more]
animal tame dog ; dog (tame) ngagam [more]
body_part taste nahng [more]
language tattoo biran-an.ga- [more]
fish taylor fish ; tailer fish ; poomboy fish bumbah, bumbay [more]
plant tea tree balbul [more]
plant tea tree bulam [more]
plant tea tree bulam, bulambil [more]
plant tea-tree wudjur(u) [more]
plant teak tree yagir [more]
plant teak tree yaguri [more]
tear dunmana- [more]
body_part tears nulara [more]
artifact tease mulganma- [more]
people teenage woman ; woman, teenage ngaburay [more]
body_part teeth dirang, jirang [more]
body_part teeth jirang, dirang, diyang, jiyang (?) [more]
location Telemon dilaman [more]
language tell ; hear, make to ; answer binangma- [more]
language tell ; relate gawarima- [more]
telling lies ; lying nyula-nyula [more]
insect termite jilil, jiyil [more]
insect termite ; white ant ; ant, white jiyil, jilil [more]
location Terranora deranora [more]
body_part testicles buhl [more]
body_part testicles manmuru [more]
than ; for fear of ; fear of (for) -nyi [more]
reptile that gugundeh [more]
that (general area) munu [more]
that (Ny) ; there somewhere (M:Liv) mangga [more]
that (one) ; he ; there mala, mamala, male (Wi), mali, mamali, male etc. (M) Listen [more]
that distant visible gila, gigila (Wi), gile (Wi), gili (M, Ng) Listen [more]
that there mali/male, mamali, male, etc. [more]
that will do ; go away gingilawna [more]
that yonder (invisible) ; that known or presumed distant, not in sight of the speaker (Gd) ; that (distant) invisible (formerly present) (Wa) gahba [more]
that yonder ; that far away ; there far away gili [more]
there malagu [more]
location there ; exact area ; distant ; in sight of the speaker ; it ; they there gah [more]
there ; over there ; yonder gundeh, gugundeh [more]
there ; over there ; yonder gundeh, gugundeh [more]
location there ; where (?) gahnyula [more]
thereabout gahganah (?) [more]
these persons or things in sight of the speaker ; they ; these ; this near (probably close to the speaker, visible) gahnyu, gahny [more]
they janabang [more]
they janabi, janabeh [more]
they nginggalama (?) [more]
they nyulamang [more]
people thief wurgay [more]
body_part thigh marang [more]
body_part thin ; underweight bargahn [more]
body_part thirsty ngawuny [more]
body_part thirsty nirgin, nirgany [more]
this gala(h)ni [more]
this (?) wangbihn (?) [more]
this (one) ; here gala, gale (Bj), gali (M, Ng), gagali, gale, etc. (M), galaba (Wi) Listen [more]
this side (Gn) gunayri [more]
plant thorn wulanybil [more]
plant thorny vine (cockspur) ; cockspur (thorny vine) ; Tallebudgera township site name galinbi [more]
those close to hearer (visible) ; those (visible) ; those near ; they mahnyu, mahny, mamahny, mamahnyu [more]
those distant, visible ; they, those ; those yonder (probably in sight) gahm, gahmu, gagahm, gagahmu [more]
those who say -bal [more]
those yonder (?) ; yonder, those gagah [more]
throw bawa- [more]
throw away ; throw ; fly away ; spit out or throw something whether or not a target is actually aimed at or hit bira- [more]
artifact throwing stick ; stick, throwing murambin [more]
thumb (M) ; toe, big (N) ; big toe (N) duluma(h) [more]
body_part thumb ; toe, big ; big toe duluma [more]
natural_environment thunder dugal [more]
natural_environment thunder migubal, miguwal [more]
tickle gidj-gidjba- [more]
natural_environment tide, rising yehyin (yehny?), yangi (yangay) [more]
senses tired ; stiff ; cramped ; weary girihny [more]
to -Na [more]
to ; towards -ba [more]
to ; towards -mir [more]
time today bahny [more]
time today ; right away ; now bayahny, barahny, bahny [more]
body_part toe baradjaruny (?) [more]
body_part toe, big (?) ; big toe (?) yalyal jinang (?) [more]
artifact tomahawk ; axe, stone ; axe, small ; rock ; stone for tomahawk ; stones bandahn [more]
artifact tomahawk ; stone axe gulman [more]
tomahawk cut ; cut (from tomahawk) bandahn.gul [more]
time tomorrow ngubudjang [more]
body_part tongue duruhm [more]
body_part tongue gilge [more]
body_part tongue jurgung [more]
body_part tongue yalany [more]
body_part tooth dirang [more]
body_part touch ; feel munyi-, munay-an.ga- [more]
natural_environment track gunahbu [more]
natural_environment track jarahr-an.ga- [more]
natural_environment track, beaten ; track ; beaten track ; road ; footpath ; spoor ; track of a foot ; footprint gulgan [more]
plant tree ; tree trunk ; log ; logs ; stick jali Listen [more]
plant tree ; wood gali [more]
plant tree with a lot of lumps on it balingbang (?) [more]
plant tree(?) gadjirah [more]
plant tree, box ; box tree species ; gum-topped box tree ; boxwood ngarul [more]
body_part tremble durali- [more]
fish trevally (fish) janbin(y) [more]
fish trevally fish ; fish, trevally jambin(y) [more]
language tribal battle ; war ; battle ; fight ; fight with spears ganar [more]
language tribal name gandang [more]
animal trot gahrbarbu-, gahrbabuli- [more]
try jambama- [more]
try yahgulguma- [more]
bird tullawong ; currawong jalwang, jarwang [more]
bird tullawong ; currawong jarwang, jalwang [more]
tum round this way ; look this way galaginggi- [more]
location Tumbulgum jambulgam [more]
bird turkey, brush mahgun [more]
bird turkey, brush ; turkey, scrub ; scrub turkey ; brush turkey ; Bustard wagun [more]
turn bamguwa- [more]
turn ; look the other way malaginggi-, malagini- [more]
turn into rock jarugin.gi- [more]
turn oneself over ; fall over ; capsize ; turn around wungan jari- (wungandjari-) [more]
turn round wungan.ginggi- [more]
food turning point damgur [more]
location Turranbar diranybah [more]
fish turtle gumbahn [more]
fish turtle ; turtle, swamp (mc) bin.gihn, bingging [more]
fish turtle, big binggihng [more]
fish turtle, fresh water ; fresh water turtle bin.giny(gir) [more]
fish turtle, short-necked ; turtle, fresh water ; fresh water turtle ; short-necked turtle bin.giny, bin.gihny [more]
location Tweed River (M) gugay [more]
people Tweed River tribe jabuhbari [more]
people twins bulanday(gan) [more]
location Tyalgum jalgam [more]
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