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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
language sacred song ; song, sacred junggan [more]
senses sad ; sorry juhrdjiran.gay [more]
natural_environment salt water birin, biren [more]
natural_environment salt water ; water, salt yingir (yinggir?) [more]
bird salt-water redbill ; redbill, salt-water dibing [more]
natural_environment saltwater crossing binggiribah [more]
natural_environment salty jigir [more]
natural_environment sand yahrang [more]
natural_environment sand yarang [more]
natural_environment sand ; beach yarung, yarang [more]
natural_environment sand ; sandhill gulgam, guygam [more]
natural_environment sand ; sandhill guygam, gulgam [more]
plant sandbury bush jaliny [more]
insect sandfly ginyin, ginin [more]
natural_environment sandy point extending into the sea ; sea, sandy point extending into the mangar-bah [more]
plant sap yulan(?) [more]
plant sapling jali bidjangahn [more]
plant Sassafras ; medicine tree ; tree, medicine buhbany [more]
plant satin wood tree (GC:Talleb) ; redheart tree; Boomerang tree garamgal, garamgalgah [more]
natural_environment Saucepan, The ; Orion's belt constellation wehl [more]
savage yinyihnying [more]
fish sawfish ; swordfish ; fish, sword ; fish, saw baral [more]
scarce bulagahlan, bulanggahlan [more]
fish schnapper ginbam [more]
body_part scratch or scrape (the skin) ; pinch ; dig out ; root out manda- [more]
plant scrub junbar guwil [more]
natural_environment scrub (bush, forest) gulan (?) [more]
bird scrub chicken ; Chowchilla minin [more]
insect scrub tick ; tick, scrub gulany [more]
plant scrub vines ; vines, scrub wagay [more]
animal scrub wallaby, female ; red-necked pademelon ; pademelon, red-necked ; small scrub wallaby ; scrub wallaby, small ; wallaby, scrub (small) garil [more]
natural_environment scrub, thick ; jungle ; rain forest gaban, gabawin, gabany [more]
natural_environment sea ; beach ; coast burugar [more]
natural_environment sea beach winday [more]
natural_environment sea beach ; beach, sea gawgam (?) [more]
natural_environment sea beach ; sand guygam [more]
bird sea bird ; curlew ; snipe guwahyir [more]
bird sea redbill gibin, gibin-gibin [more]
fish sea turtle bubayeh [more]
bird seagull dehriya, dehridjar [more]
bird seagull gawgahri [more]
bird seagull jerehr (?) [more]
bird seahawk, red and white ngamandjin [more]
natural_environment seashell species julim, julin [more]
artifact seat yahgen [more]
artifact seat yahnbay-gubih [more]
senses see ; look ; look at ; watch ; find nyah- [more]
send ; let ; permit ; give up ; release ; let go jawga- [more]
people senile or toothless man ; man (senile or toothless) wangaygir(i) [more]
natural_environment set (of sun) galgiwa- (?) [more]
plant shade ; shadow wularu [more]
natural_environment shadow ; shade ; reflection (in mirror or water) ; shady ; spirit, evil malung [more]
language shadow of departed person ; spirit (of dead) ; sign ; shadow ; photo wagay [more]
shake jiga- [more]
shallow jandjehr [more]
fish shark wadjam, waryam [more]
fish shark waryam, wardjam, wadjam [more]
fish shark ; whale ; fish, magic ; mermaid ; bunyip ; monster, mythical wardjam [more]
fish shark species jahgan [more]
fish shark species jargan [more]
fish shark species wardjam [more]
fish shark, shovelnose ; ray, shovelnose nyirang [more]
sharp muginya [more]
sharp ; sharp edge girbil [more]
sharpen muginya-, muginyi- [more]
artifact sharpening stone ; stone, sharpening giram [more]
she nyahn [more]
she nyulagan, nyulegan [more]
animal she-dog ; dog, she- nginarugan, nginarun [more]
natural_environment shell bandal [more]
fish shell niril [more]
artifact shield bagah [more]
artifact shield gundan [more]
artifact shield gurany, gudjan [more]
artifact shield ; tree from which shields are made banggu [more]
body_part shin ; tibia narim [more]
shine ; reflect light yalnan + -an.ga- [more]
natural_environment shiny, bright, lamp, light, light (of fire, artificial light), shine, white, reflection jalngay [more]
artifact ship marinday [more]
artifact shirt gunggil-gayehn [more]
plant shoot of a plant ; plant shoot jurun-jurun [more]
short mul, mulgalang [more]
short mumuh [more]
senses short-tempered barul-barul [more]
body_part shoulder ; arm ; branch ganggil [more]
body_part shoulder ; arm, upper (Culhm) ; upper arm (Culhm) ; elbow (Culhm) walagan [more]
body_part shoulder-blade bugaba(h) [more]
shove yugima- [more]
show ; guide ; teach nyuhmba-, nyumba- [more]
animal shrew, female giyal-giyalgan [more]
animal shrew, male giyal-giyangan (?) [more]
plant shrub (bushy), bearing a blue berry ; McIntosh Island (name for) - Southport jidji [more]
shut up ginggi- [more]
body_part sick danbiyan [more]
body_part sick mingay [more]
body_part sick walahw [more]
body_part sick walawu (?) [more]
body_part sick ; ill yalyal, yilyal, yelyel, yaljal [more]
body_part sick, cause to be yilyalma- [more]
plant Silky Oak gambalam [more]
plant silky oak ; oak, silky jabililam(?) [more]
similar to ; like ; approximately (of position) nginyehr [more]
body_part sinew ; vein nyahr [more]
language sing yarbi-, yarbili- [more]
language sing ; chant yarbi- [more]
people singer yarbilgin, yarbilgin.gan [more]
single yamigan (?) [more]
people single man ; man, single galagir [more]
location single man's ground ; place of single man/men galagirbah [more]
body_part sink muruya- [more]
people sister jidja [more]
people sister, female's younger yirgahng, yilgahng [more]
people sister, male's ; sister, older (female's) nanahng [more]
sit (down) ; stay ; live ; dwell yehn-, yehn- (yehna-, yehn.ga-) (Wi, Ny) [more]
sit ; stop ; live at ; sit down yahn-, yahna-, yahn.ga- [more]
body_part skull ; egg ganggang [more]
natural_environment sky ; blue (of sky) ; sky blue ngurun(g) [more]
natural_environment sky ; cloud junygan, junygun [more]
body_part sleep ; asleep ; sleeping ngurahm [more]
body_part sleepy ngurahmbil [more]
slippery ; smooth milir [more]
slow ; slowly wunang [more]
slow(ly) wanahnden [more]
small gayimbara [more]
plant small species of tree with edible syncarp ; tree with edible syncarp, small species of gumuru-gumuru [more]
smash badjay-an.ga- [more]
senses smell nyuhm, nyuhmbi- [more]
food smoke juhma- [more]
food smoke juhm-an.ga- [more]
natural_environment smoke ; steam ; cigarette ; tobacco ; fog ; mist juhm [more]
smooth gadjay [more]
insect snail bangam, bangawum [more]
reptile snake danar [more]
reptile snake diruny [more]
reptile snake waralba [more]
reptile snake yamba [more]
reptile snake, bandy bandy ; bandy bandy snake dalil, delil [more]
reptile snake, black nguhnyba [more]
reptile snake, black ; black snake jiyumgang [more]
reptile snake, black ; black snake wunyba [more]
reptile snake, brown bagul [more]
reptile snake, creeping nginduny, ngindunybah [more]
reptile snake, diamond ; snake, red juwir [more]
reptile snake, green ; snake, whip nyiring, yirany [more]
reptile snake, green ; snake, whip yihrany, nyiring [more]
reptile snake, ringed juwir gamban-gambahn [more]
location sneak gadjgah- [more]
body_part sneeze nyiribiri [more]
bird snipe duhgam (durgam?) [more]
body_part snot ; phlegm niran, nirun [more]
soft budjir [more]
senses soften ; love budjar-an.ga- [more]
bird soldier bird (Y:Sha:Culhm) dihndin [more]
fish sole (fish) wulambila [more]
some ; small ; less bidjanggay [more]
location somewhere ; where? windji (winydji), yindji (yinydji) [more]
people son ; man's brother's son ; woman's sister's son ; nephew (man's brother's or woman's sister's son) muyum [more]
language song ; chant yarbil [more]
language song maker of corroboree songs yawahr-ngahrgin [more]
time soon ; by-and-by guban.gang [more]
time soon ; later ; later on ; by and by yuh [more]
time soon ; pretty soon ngulunggu [more]
senses sorry ; sympathetic ; sad gidjir, gidjihrabu, gidjihrimbahl [more]
location south yargeh [more]
location south ; south people birihn (berin?) [more]
location south ; south people ; Birihn tribe/group (Holmer) birihn (berin?) [more]
location Southport guyan [more]
bird sparrowhawk galanbany [more]
bird sparrowhawk milgin [more]
body_part sparrowhawk ; hawk ; kite bugaban(y) [more]
language speak muwi- [more]
language speak ngawray + -an.ga- [more]
language speak ngula- [more]
language speak nguya- [more]
language speak (Gn) giga- [more]
language speak ; talk nguyma- (Bj), nguyay (Ng) [more]
language speak ; talk ; ask ; tell giya- [more]
language speak ; talk ; say (something) wayma- [more]
artifact spear ; war-spear ; two-piece spear juwan [more]
artifact spear thrower wumar [more]
artifact spear, light wooden bilahr [more]
speck jin [more]
insect spider ; cobweb baran-barahn [more]
artifact spike mihgan [more]
spin ; twist ; turn gurawa(li)-, gurawah(li)- [more]
body_part spine ; back dulgu [more]
language spirit, a ; 'little man' jandjari [more]
body_part spit jihbag [more]
body_part spit ; saliva ngan.giri [more]
natural_environment split juba-an.ga- [more]
bird spoonbill gurgahyir [more]
fish spotted bangir [more]
plant spotted gum ; gum, spotted murehr [more]
people spouse nyubang [more]
spread birangma- [more]
natural_environment spring water ; water from spring garba(h) [more]
squeeze nima- [more]
animal squirrel ; sugar glider jihbur [more]
plant staghorn, elk ; elk staghorn junbil [more]
food stale malgun [more]
stand ; stand up ; stop (of wind etc.) jahna- [more]
natural_environment star guman.gan [more]
natural_environment star guru(h)mgan, guyuhm, guyuhmgan [more]
natural_environment star guyuhmgan [more]
natural_environment star guyuhm, guyuhmgan, gurumgan [more]
senses stare garirmila- [more]
bird start mahrir-an.ga- [more]
steal gurama- (?) [more]
steal wura- [more]
steal wurga-, wura- [more]
people stealer of a woman ngarwandjan [more]
artifact stick ; bangalow midjihn [more]
artifact stick for propelling canoe ; canoe, stick for propelling a jubulgan [more]
stick together ; stay together ; adhere ; stick madji- [more]
still more ngabe [more]
fish stinging fish ; fish, stinging jilbi [more]
plant stinging tree gulbaru (gulburu) [more]
plant stinging tree ; tree, stinging jihbiny [more]
body_part stomach ganang [more]
body_part stomach mulin [more]
body_part stomach ; belly muhng, muhn [more]
body_part stomach ; bowels gidjir [more]
natural_environment stone burin (bundin?), bandahn [more]
natural_environment stone yarun [more]
location stone ; Bird Island mabinbila [more]
natural_environment stone ; money mulu [more]
natural_environment stones malaw [more]
stop (M) namuwi- (?) [more]
natural_environment storm gamahga [more]
natural_environment storm ; thunder mugar [more]
bird storm bird, big direhng [more]
natural_environment storm, big malun [more]
language story ; tale gawarima [more]
location Stradbroke Big Hill (Y:Hanln) guridjaba, guridjirbah [more]
straight ; true jundihn, jundi [more]
people stranger jagur, jagul [more]
plant stringybark tree bundin [more]
plant stringybark tree gibar [more]
plant stringybark tree gibir [more]
plant stringybark tree gundul [more]
plant stringybark tree jeringan [more]
plant stringybark tree (?) gundal [more]
plant stringybark, red gunam-gunam [more]
strip ; peel ; skin birba- [more]
plant strip of bark ; dead bark ; spirals of dead bark pendant from eucalyptus trees birbah, birbi [more]
striped gulgan-gulgan [more]
body_part strong ; muscular balang, nahr-balang [more]
plant stump gunuhm [more]
bird stumper (bird) gunuhmbuy, gunuhmginy [more]
body_part stupid wanggam [more]
subjunctive? -ay [more]
body_part subordinate ; inferior damarmay [more]
suck jandja- [more]
senses sulky murun-bal, muru-muru [more]
time summer nyanggalgir [more]
natural_environment summer nyunggulgan, nyanggalgir, nyangga (?) [more]
time summer ; hot ; heat nyanggalgir, nyanggalgan [more]
natural_environment sun bigi [more]
natural_environment sun jalngany (?) [more]
natural_environment sun jiru [more]
natural_environment sun nyangga [more]
natural_environment sun yalgan [more]
time sun ; day nyangga, nyanggar [more]
natural_environment sun ; sunlight ; hot yalnan [more]
time sunrise nyangga-bahn.gan [more]
time sunset ; afternoon (late in the day) nyangga-gayan [more]
natural_environment sunset ; afternoon ; afternoon, late ; evening ; night yawun [more]
surround galgulma- [more]
bird swallow (bird) budjabuyay [more]
natural_environment swamp bamay [more]
natural_environment swamp jali [more]
natural_environment swamp nyandihn(?) [more]
natural_environment swamp wahm [more]
natural_environment swamp ; waterhole ; lagoon gawang [more]
plant swamp fern, root of ; root of swamp fern yugay [more]
plant swamp reed ; reed, swamp- yubahn [more]
plant swamp reed ; reeds galgari(h) [more]
bird swan duli (duleh?) [more]
language swear at ; swear ; abuse ; curse ; use bad language ; say wrongly yangma- [more]
body_part sweat nyanggal + -an.ga- [more]
sweep bular-an.ga- [more]
senses sweet bargany [more]
senses sweet bargany (?) [more]
senses sweet minyih, minyihn, minim (?) [more]
swell bambam + -anga- [more]
body_part swelling ; bruise bambam [more]
swim gungu [more]
swim wanilah- [more]
swim ; swimming ; swim, to waywani- [more]
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