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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
bird rail, saltwater ; saltwater rail wuluwah [more]
natural_environment rain guwang [more]
natural_environment rain guwang-an.ga- [more]
plant raspberry, wild malgam [more]
animal rat gundjar [more]
animal rat ; bush rat ; rat, bush ; kangaroo species gundur, gundjar [more]
animal rat ; mouse ; rodent gundur [more]
animal rat-kangaroo ; kangaroo, rat- bahmul [more]
animal rat-kangaroo, Rufous (Gd) ; kangaroo rat bahy [more]
rattling noise dinggumbay [more]
rattling noise ; noise, rattling dulubay [more]
ready ngahrilihgu [more]
reciprocal action garbahn [more]
reciprocal action ; one another ; each other garaban [more]
people reckless wuyi-wuyi, wuwi-wuwi [more]
colour red gudjihn [more]
colour red gudjin, gudji(h)n, gudji, gudjing [more]
colour red jayir(i), jahra [more]
plant red bean ; bean, red gidji-gidji [more]
natural_environment red clay ; clay, red gudjin malu [more]
plant Red Forest Oak, Rose Sheoak, Forest Oak ; Oak, Forest ; Sheoak, Rose ; Oak, Red Forest nguyagal [more]
natural_environment red ochre ; ochre, red ; paint, red ; red paint ; red pigment ; pigment, red gudjing, gudjin [more]
artifact red paint gudjir [more]
plant reeds galgari [more]
plant reeds ; rushes bandeh, bandi [more]
plant reeds ; rushes jila, dili [more]
plant reeds ; rushes ; swamp reeds ; reeds, swamp dulun [more]
reflexive ; antipassive -li, -le [more]
people relation-in-law wiyang, jambang, yamburu [more]
people relation-in-law term jambang [more]
people relation-in-law term wiyang [more]
bird relics ; remains galba [more]
reply if a person is asked to do anything against his will windja [more]
return nimbulima- [more]
body_part ride ; sex (have) wumbeh- [more]
right-hand side junimbah [more]
plant ripe bugam [more]
language ritual scars on back birang [more]
body_part ritual scars on breast ; scars on breast, ritual gumban [more]
natural_environment river ; creek ; Milky Way balun Listen [more]
fish river turtle ; turtle, river ; turtle (generic) (Gd) bin.gihng Listen [more]
natural_environment river, big waril [more]
food roast (burn) ; boil marba- [more]
bird Robin, Yellow ; Yellow Robin nayiny, ngahny (?) [more]
natural_environment rock gambilmuy (?) [more]
natural_environment rock ;{ hard ; baked manal [more]
natural_environment rock ; stone daraw, darahw, dehyu [more]
natural_environment rock ; stone dehyu, dahyu [more]
natural_environment rock ; stone ; stones garu [more]
location rock, big (GC) ; name of a high rocky knoll in Numinbah Valley (Ngr) ; Numinbah Valley, name of a high rocky knoll in (Ngr) ganduhl-gali [more]
natural_environment rock, large ; rocks (?) wulungar [more]
natural_environment rocks gaway (?) [more]
natural_environment rocks wawang (?) [more]
roll guhrawa- [more]
plant root of tree ; road waran, wayan, wehn [more]
plant root of tree ; road ; hips (Y:Hanln) wayan, wehn, waran [more]
plant root sucker jambinbin [more]
plant root, native ; native rot ginanbun [more]
artifact rope ; string ; fishing line bugur [more]
artifact rope ; vine jagabar [more]
food rotten badjirgan [more]
senses rotten ; putrid ; stinking ; smelling vile (meat) ; vile-smelling (of meat) bugaw [more]
round balin, buluhny [more]
round gumbi [more]
location round about ; crooked ways ; astray wungan-wungan [more]
artifact rowlocks gandul-gubih [more]
artifact rowlocks jabulgan-gubih [more]
rub ; wipe duruma- [more]
food rum ; alcohol girar [more]
natural_environment run ; blow (of wind) ; flow (of water) ; go round (run?) ; slip gawari-, gohri- [more]
run ; go round ; run round gehlgawari-, gehlgohri- [more]
senses run away ; flee ; fear ; dread galgawari-, gehlgohri- [more]
run with ; run away with ; take running ; go away with gawandi- [more]
location Russell Island ganaybah [more]
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