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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
artifact paddle jabulgan [more]
animal pademelon giri [more]
animal pademelon ; wallaby, type of gari, giri [more]
artifact paint bambam [more]
paint buma- (?) [more]
plant palm tree banggalu [more]
plant palm tree ('midjim') ; midjin cane ; bangalow (Tw:Sc:Bray) ; walking stick palm (Ngr:Gresty) ; fruit of the midgeon palm midjin [more]
plant palm tree, small nyamin [more]
plant palm, cabbage ; cabbage palm ; cabbage tree (palm) nyunggargur (?), nyunggargar (?) [more]
insect paper wasp nest ; nest, paper wasp yugul [more]
body_part paralysed manyay-djam [more]
location parrot place bilinahdjil [more]
bird parrot, blue mountain ; blue mountain parrot wangum [more]
bird parrot, green leek ; green leek parrot nginyinggam [more]
pass ; win (as in a race) bagar(a)-wan- [more]
past ; finished action -lur(u), -lu [more]
bird Peaceful Dove gunggan.gan (gungangan) [more]
peak, a buginbar [more]
bird peewee bilbirin [more]
bird peewee bimbim [more]
bird peewee bulam-bulam [more]
bird pelican jungar, jungur [more]
bird pelican jungur [more]
bird pelican ngadjang-nguhr [more]
body_part pelvis warahn [more]
body_part penis dibili [more]
body_part penis ; tail jun [more]
fish perch madjir [more]
fish perch, freshwater ; freshwater perch ; perch mugihm, mugim [more]
perhaps wawun [more]
perhaps ; maybe ; possibly wanyi [more]
people person from a named place ; born at, inhabitant of; added to place names -bari [more]
people person's name gari [more]
petty ; peevish jalamay [more]
plant piccabeen palm ; palm, piccabeen bandjan [more]
pigeon wangga [more]
bird pigeon species ; pigeon, wonga ; pigeon ; dove wululuny [more]
bird pigeon, brown gabudjah, gubudji [more]
bird pigeon, brown gubuhny, gubudji, gubudj [more]
bird pigeon, green numargin [more]
bird pigeon, large green wanymangin (waymangginy?) [more]
bird pigeon, small green gabagah [more]
bird pigeon, small green (Mur:Sc:Hargrv) ; small green pigeon (Mur:Sc:Hargrv) ; flock bird, green (GC) jagaw, jagaybil [more]
bird pigeon, small green ; green pigeon, small gabuga [more]
bird pigeon, wonga ; wonga pidgeon walarun [more]
bird pigeon, wonga ; wonga pigeon wumbin [more]
location Pine Mountain bimbul bibu [more]
body_part pine tree guhrang(?) [more]
plant pine tree gurang [more]
location pine tree species ; quicksand garambin(y) [more]
location pine trees, place of gunggun.gah [more]
plant pine, brown ; brown pine gunggun [more]
location place name bin.gindjur [more]
location place name dalabadjari [more]
location place name guhndang [more]
location place of -ba [more]
location place of parrots ; parrot place bilinuba, bilinuhba [more]
location place of possums, the guyahnambuhn (?) [more]
location place where bloodwood trees grow, bloodwood tree place bunaw(gan), bunawah [more]
natural_environment plain ; flat country gunanggay [more]
plant plant like the wild belladonna ; wild belladonna, plant like the ; belladonna (wild), plant like the guwinyam [more]
plant plants (soft) growing on the banks of creeks girban [more]
play ngahra-, ngahra [more]
play ; dance ; boil ; rough (water) ngahri- [more]
location playground ; corroboree ngahrindihn, ngahrandiyan (?) [more]
pleasant, very burgaram (?) [more]
senses pleased yilngan bugal [more]
bird plover dibir-dibehr, deber [more]
bird plover ganahrgan (?) [more]
bird plover, stone ; stone plover ; curlew buruwagan [more]
bird plover, stone ; stone plover ; curlew buwangan, buyargan [more]
plant plum tree (native) gudjin [more]
plant plum tree ; tree, plum gadjin [more]
plural -mir [more]
pluraliser -djin [more]
point galan [more]
insect point ; tick (insect) gulan, ngulan [more]
insect point ; tick (insect) ngulan [more]
poison bitter ; bitter, poison digireh, digir-an.ga-, digirinyihny [more]
poke ; peck ; sting ; stab ; spear ; write buga- [more]
artifact pole ; paddle juluhng [more]
people policeman bandjuhr [more]
people policeman gandjabal [more]
people policeman ganingin(y) [more]
animal porcupine ; echidna gagu(h)r [more]
possessive (past tense) -Na(h)djil [more]
animal possum gubi (?) [more]
animal possum guran [more]
animal possum guwany [more]
animal possum guyahny, guwihny [more]
animal possum guyan, guwan [more]
animal possum nyuwang [more]
animal possum (Gn) gulan [more]
animal possum camp gidjang [more]
animal possum species (Y:Watsn) guruhna (?) [more]
animal possum, female grey ngawrul [more]
animal Possum, Grey ; Mt Possum guyahny [more]
animal possum, male and black ; male possum, black ; black possum, male gunam, gunum [more]
animal possum, male grey yiriging [more]
animal possum, ringtail ; ringtail possum guwin, wing [more]
animal possum, ringtail ; ringtail possum wing, guwin [more]
people postman bawdjiman [more]
plant pour garbi- [more]
language praise gunbunda- (gunbunden) [more]
body_part pregnant ngargay [more]
pretend ; lie ngandjara- (nydj) [more]
plant prickle ; splinter ; thorn mamung [more]
plant prickle, a thorn (Y:Hanln) ; pine tree (Mur:Sc:Hargrv) gulambil [more]
plant Prickly Yellowwood ; Yellowwood, Prickly magirbal [more]
progressive -lehla [more]
progressive suffix -iyan [more]
animal protect mundjindi- [more]
pull buyu- [more]
pull along ; pull off buhyi- (buhya-?) [more]
pull out ; take out ; take off ; peel ; pull down ; release ; undo or skin (something) ; remove ; remove from inside or outside something bura- [more]
senses pungent nguhn-djang [more]
push jundahma- [more]
push along with a pole ; pole, push along with a julung (-an.ga-) (?) [more]
animal pussy (cat from English) ; cat (from English, pussy cat) budjigan, budjagan [more]
put (something) in gayibalima-/gayibilima- [more]
put crosswise waygalgalima- (gulima?) [more]
put on (clothes) banma- [more]
put on (top of) waygandima-, waygundima- [more]
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