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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
senses mad (M) gugari [more]
bird magpie galamarin [more]
bird magpie gulamburan [more]
bird magpie gulgurang [more]
bird magpie gurahmburuhn, gulamburan [more]
plant Mahogany, White yuwiny, yuwihngbil [more]
make gindjibila- [more]
make yaga- [more]
make a house ngumbinda- [more]
food make smoke jaluma- [more]
body_part make well by doctoring banyarma warima- [more]
male wangan (?) [more]
male wang(g)an (?) [more]
people man (boss?) madja [more]
people man 40-50 years old ; 40-50 year old man bagil, bangin [more]
people man from the west janganyan [more]
people man, dark-skinned of any race ; Aboriginal ; Aboriginal people baygal [more]
people man, mature (young) ; bachelor ; initiated man ; man, initiated ; one initiated through the First Rule of the tribal Law ; young man (Gd) marugan [more]
language Manaldjahli ; Manandjahli malandjali [more]
location Manaldjahli clan manalgali [more]
plant mangrove jangigir [more]
many jindihn [more]
many ; lot, a ; plenty ; all garalbu [more]
many ; plenty garahl, gara(h)lbu [more]
insect march fly (NG:Gresty) ; fly, ordinary (Fowlr) wagan [more]
mark wahl [more]
marks agent or transitive subject and instrument used for an action -bu [more]
people married couple nyubani [more]
body_part marrow ; brain jung-jung [more]
body_part marrow ; pus ngunyang [more]
language marry yaraba- [more]
language marry yarba- [more]
massage (Gd) ; rub ; paint bama- [more]
location McPherson Range (at the Border Gate, Lindesay Hwy) bangbang [more]
me nganyi [more]
me, for ngaya(h) [more]
food meat baygam [more]
food meat yuri [more]
body_part meat ; flesh ; muscle jiman [more]
mend ; sew mumga(h)- [more]
time midday garambah [more]
time midday garambay, garambah [more]
people middle-aged man (40-50 years) ; man (middle-aged) (40-50 years) bangin [more]
people Migunburry clan miganbar(i) [more]
body_part milk ngamahbil [more]
body_part milk ; breast, woman's ngamang, ngahmang [more]
animal milk, cow's ; cow's milk milang [more]
bird minah, noisy; bird, soldier balin-balihn [more]
language Minyungbal ; language spoken about Tweed Heads (Fergn), name of a minyangbal [more]
location Mogumbin mugambin [more]
language Momm?_m mumuhm [more]
language Mommom's corroboree giran [more]
artifact money banggu [more]
artifact money mani [more]
location Monkcollum munggulam [more]
location Mooball mubal [more]
natural_environment moon ngigam [more]
natural_environment moon ; month gibam [more]
more mudjang [more]
more ; many ; lot, a ; all ; plenty ; mob everything garal [more]
plant Moreton Bay Ash (Gn) ; Ash, Moreton Bay (Gn) guran [more]
plant Moreton Bay Chestnut ; Bean Tree ; beanpod of the Moreton Bay Chestnut ; shoe ; boot bugam, bugambil (bunambil M:Liv) [more]
location Moreton Island murumurugambiny [more]
time morning budjarah, budjarahbu [more]
insect mosquito mandjur [more]
insect mosquito mundjur, munydjur [more]
most garal-banggil [more]
insect moth ; butterfly ; firefly ; fireflies ; dancing coloured lights ; coloured lights, dancing jalngay-ngahriyan, jalngay [more]
people mother ; mother's sister ; aunt, maternal wadjung, wadjangbir [more]
people mother ; mother's sister ; aunt, maternal wadjung, wadjang, wayung [more]
natural_environment mountain (main range or peak) buruhl [more]
location mountain name jaragumbiny [more]
location mountain name jugal [more]
location mountain name migani [more]
natural_environment mountain near Mt Barney duwehning [more]
natural_environment mountain spur ; spur of mountain dugay [more]
animal mouse gundur bidjang-galang [more]
mouth diyang [more]
body_part mouth (?) gambay [more]
body_part mouth (?) jawba [more]
body_part mouth ; beak ; lip jayang, jehng [more]
body_part mouth ; beak ; lip jeyang, jehng, jayang [more]
move away yugira- [more]
location Mt Barney baga-bagah [more]
location Mt Barney budjurngu [more]
location Mt Ladybrook (where the two stone dogs are) gundulbunbi, gundulbunbi(-be) [more]
location Mt Lindesay jalgambuny [more]
location Mt Tamborine wangalbung [more]
location Mt Warning wulambiny [more]
natural_environment mud dalgal, dalgar [more]
natural_environment mud wabamaridju [more]
natural_environment mud wabum [more]
natural_environment mud ; dirt ; clay, wet ; wet clay jalang, jilang [more]
natural_environment mud ; dirt ; wet clay ; clay, wet jilang, jelang, jalang [more]
fish mud crab, species of ; crab, mud (species of) jubi, jubeh [more]
location Mud Island bamgahmba [more]
body_part mud, sticky ; diarrhoea madjir [more]
location Mudgeeraba madjirbah, madjarbah [more]
bird mulberry bird ; bird, mulberry galgalan [more]
fish mullet ganihng [more]
fish mullet garim [more]
fish mullet, sea ; sea mullet guyang [more]
location Mullumbimby malibambay [more]
location Mundoolun mundulgan [more]
location Murwillumbah mar-wilambah [more]
location Murwillumbah muy-wulambiny [more]
people Murwillumbah clan wiranggiruh, wayrangiruh [more]
body_part muscle wahr [more]
muscular ; strong nahr-balang [more]
plant mushroom ; toadstool bilimbin [more]
fish mussel ngurang [more]
fish mussel ; pipis ; ugarie ; eugarie yugir [more]
my (own) ; mine nganyah [more]
language my tale is told guramanunya [more]
plant myrtle tree dalagan [more]
plant myrtle tree ; tree, myrtle jayany, yawany [more]
animal mythological dog, name of a bariyahnbe [more]
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