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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
people lad (young) with ritual scars on back marawan [more]
natural_environment lagoon ; lake ; marsh ; swamp nyanda [more]
natural_environment lagoon ; swamp ; lake ; waterhole gahwang [more]
natural_environment lagoon, open bahlum, balum [more]
natural_environment lake bamay [more]
natural_environment lake ; lagoon wamin [more]
natural_environment lake ; waterhole gayiwang [more]
body_part lame wungahn [more]
bird land kingfisher ; kingfisher, land dih-dih [more]
language language ; word ; noise gulgun [more]
natural_environment large creek gamany, gamini [more]
last nyumbil [more]
laugh mindji- (nydj) [more]
laugh, make to mindjilima- [more]
plant lawyer vine(s) ; vine(s), lawyer ; lawyer cane ; cane, lawyer ngabuy, ngabuygam(?), nenidjing [more]
plant lawyer vines ; vines, lawyer nenidjing [more]
lazy yihl [more]
body_part lazy ; tired duhng [more]
plant leaf ganyal [more]
plant leaf wurang, wulang, wurahng/wuhrang [more]
plant leaf of any kind waruhdjar [more]
lean nuwa- [more]
food lean (of meat) ; thin gadjul-djam [more]
leaning ; sloping mulingan [more]
least bidjang-bunggil [more]
bird leatherhead (bird) ; friar bird ; butcher bird galgalang, galgurang [more]
bird leatherhead ; friar bird galgurang/gulgulang [more]
bird leatherhead ; friar bird ; jay (chatterbox, not blue jay (Y:Sha:Culhm)) galgulang, galgurang [more]
bird leatherhead bird ; friar bird gulgulang [more]
leave ; abandon ; stop ; cease ; let alone ; let go ; release ; don't, leave (it) wan-, wana- [more]
leave ; depart yinama- [more]
leave ; stop wuna- [more]
insect leech, scrub nyanay [more]
insect leech, water ; water leech juruhng(g)il [more]
location left hand side waram, warambil [more]
body_part leg bandehr [more]
body_part leg bandir (bandera?) [more]
body_part leg (Ngr) murang [more]
body_part leg (of animal ; hind leg) ; thigh (bone) ; thigh (or whole leg from hip to foot) ; claw jarang [more]
people liar ngandjaranying (nydj) [more]
lick yalanyama- [more]
lick ; suck bunybi-, bunybi-, buhnybi- [more]
lie (falsehood) ; pretence ngandjar-(ngandjar(-gali)) (nydj) [more]
lie ; recline nyina- [more]
lie ; recline ; sit wehna- [more]
lie down yina-, yinima-(?), yuna- [more]
lie down ; sleep ; camp ; stay yuna- [more]
lies madjir [more]
plant lift jurima- [more]
light babiny [more]
natural_environment light jahm (?) [more]
natural_environment light jahm(?) [more]
natural_environment light (of day) barbil [more]
colour light ; light (weight) ; young ; small ; white ; yellow gibar [more]
animal light weight bumbumgan [more]
light weight yalul [more]
natural_environment lightning jalgany [more]
natural_environment lightning jan.gany, jan.gan [more]
animal like bawgala- (?) [more]
plant Lilly-Pilly jidjimahm [more]
plant lime tree gulany-gulany, gulanybil [more]
plant lime tree, wild ; wild lime tree jamburihm, jamburihn(y) [more]
body_part lip jahm, jambur [more]
body_part lips yalany [more]
little ; sharpened bidjun [more]
lively (Gd) ; active (Gd) ; busy ; willing to do gulil [more]
body_part liver budjang [more]
body_part liver yilngan [more]
reptile lizard juluhm (?) [more]
reptile lizard, blue-tongued nyaram [more]
reptile lizard, frilled nyaram, ngaram [more]
reptile lizard, frilled ; frilled lizard ngaram, nyaram [more]
reptile lizard, house ; house lizard juhlam, julan [more]
fish lobster mulang [more]
location locative suffix -dja(h) [more]
insect locust biri-birim [more]
location Loder's Creek bigargah [more]
plant log diranggir [more]
natural_environment logs (lying down) jalehr [more]
long ; tall gurahr [more]
long ago gurilahbu [more]
time long ago gurila(h)bu, girubu, gurabu [more]
time long ago, within the speaker's lifetime ; long ago gurubu [more]
plant long grass ; grass, long widjanggam, wiyanggam [more]
location long way gayuli [more]
fish long-necked turtle (Y:Sha) ; large freshwater turtle (Ng) ; turtle, long-necked (Y:Sha) ; turtle, large freshwater (Ng) ganaybang, ganaybal [more]
fish long-necked turtle ; turtle, long-necked gidjambihng [more]
food look for ; ask (for) ; search ; hunt ; find ; ask question ; question, ask ngalawa- [more]
look out! ; beware! wa, wah [more]
look up waygayma- [more]
lots of ; plenty gamaybu [more]
lots of ; plenty wulalbu [more]
loud nguruhng (?) [more]
insect louse ; lice ; lousy dulum [more]
senses love gumar [more]
senses love (Y:Allen) ; bleed (Y:Allen) ; soften (Y:Allen) budjur-an.ga- [more]
senses love ; like badjir [more]
low juluhgal [more]
low muhrgalang [more]
natural_environment lower (let down?) gahgilima- [more]
bird lyrebird galbuny, galwuny [more]
bird lyrebird galwuny [more]
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