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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
natural_environment hailstones darahwban, dardahrawban (?) [more]
natural_environment hailstones garang, garang-garang [more]
body_part hair gandur (?) [more]
body_part hair (any) gehr, guhr [more]
body_part hair of head ; head ; face guhndan [more]
animal hair of possum ; possum hair gayir [more]
location halfway ; half bahm [more]
body_part hand mala [more]
body_part hand ; fingers dan.gan, danggan [more]
body_part hand ; fingers ; thumb ; five danggan [more]
language handsome ; handsome man, spirit, ghost ; handsome man ; Balugahn balugahn [more]
people handsome man ; man, handsome balugahn, balugan [more]
people handsome woman ; pretty (woman) ; woman, handsome banyahrgan [more]
people handsome woman ; woman, handsome budjalgan [more]
hang jalinguhni [more]
hang jura- [more]
hang wulwah- [more]
hang ; float juri- [more]
hang ; suspend wulba(h)-, wulwa- [more]
senses happy ; contented yalbur(u) [more]
bird happy family birds ; swallow (bird) ; birds, happy family budjay-budjay, budjabuyay [more]
hard jan.gam [more]
artifact hat bin.ga [more]
having ; with -nguhrgan [more]
bird hawk, night- ; night-hawk garanggan(y) [more]
he nyule, nyuli [more]
he (intransitive subject) nyule, nyula, nyuli [more]
he ; male ; fellow ; it nyula, nyule [more]
body_part head bawur [more]
body_part head gabara [more]
body_part head ganggar [more]
body_part head ; hair baru [more]
people head man ; white gentleman gamaran, gamaruhn [more]
body_part headache maluhn [more]
natural_environment headland wanday [more]
senses hear ; know ; think ; consider ; smell ; sense ; hope ; learn ; feel ; smell ; suppose ; believe ; wonder ; muse ; worry about ; meditate ; understand gannga- [more]
body_part heart dulgu [more]
body_part heart dulgu, dulguh [more]
language heaven where departed spirits go waydjang (waydjung, wahdj-) [more]
heavy jundur, junduru [more]
heavy ; weight jun.gul [more]
body_part heel girar [more]
body_part heel jinang-gubih [more]
body_part heel junam [more]
here gunu [more]
body_part hiccup nyingbul [more]
hide gurba-, wurba- [more]
hide wurbali- [more]
hide wurba-/gurba- [more]
hide oneself burbali- [more]
natural_environment highland babin.gah [more]
natural_environment hill dulagal [more]
natural_environment hill ; mountain buyuhl [more]
natural_environment hill ; ridge ; mountain ; back (of animates) ; small hill ; hill, small muli [more]
natural_environment hill, little ; little hill buyur-buyur [more]
natural_environment hillock ; knob banbam [more]
natural_environment hilly ; hill(s), small ; hill, little muli-muli [more]
body_part hip ganim [more]
body_part hip wehn, wayan [more]
hit bunga- [more]
hit ; strike ; kill ; kill by fighting ; beat ; destroy bum-, buma-, bumga-, bumbi- [more]
hit with a missile ; throw at something (whether or not you actually hit it) ; shoot naba- [more]
hold ; catch ; touch ; grab ; seize ; embrace ; grasp ; hold of, get nama- [more]
hold ; hinder yiba- [more]
hold on naminbah [more]
natural_environment hole gugahr [more]
body_part hole ; vagina guwiyugahr, guyiyahr, gugahr [more]
plant hole or hollow in a tree ; tree, hole or hollow in migany [more]
natural_environment hollow gubun [more]
artifact home yamba [more]
senses homesick jangil [more]
food honey of large bee gudje(h), gudja [more]
food honey of large bee, etc. gudja [more]
artifact honey-stick ; sponge for honey ; honey sponge gulehr [more]
location honeycomb ; Rocky Point at mouth of Logan River dugambaram [more]
bird honeyeater, white-eared malay, mali [more]
plant honeysuckle gambar [more]
plant honeysuckle tree bambar [more]
plant honeysuckle, red ; red honeysuckle danggahla [more]
plant honeysuckle, red ; red honeysuckle dan.gahla (danggahla?) [more]
hop julbangga- [more]
insect hornet, large ; wasp, big dugal, dugul, duguhl [more]
insect hornet, small ; wasp, small yahwul [more]
animal horse ngambanygar (?) [more]
animal horse ngumbangaru (?) [more]
animal horse yaraman, yaramahn, yaramang [more]
natural_environment hot (temperature) ; sweat nyanggal [more]
how many? minyangbu [more]
body_part hump or hunch on back ; hunch or hump on back gulbun [more]
artifact humpies ngumbih-ngumbih, ngumbiny-ngumbiny [more]
artifact humpy mimi [more]
artifact humpy made from grass ; grass humpy ban.gin [more]
body_part hungry bagir [more]
body_part hungry gabiny, gabin [more]
body_part hungry gabir [more]
body_part hungry ; hungry, be ; starve gabir-an.ga- [more]
reptile hurrah ; hooray! bawbaw [more]
hurry wuri-, wurinda- [more]
hurry up ; quick, be wuginyah [more]
body_part hurt nyalyal [more]
body_part hurt ; pain ; sting bargal [more]
body_part hurt ; sting bargal-an.ga- [more]
people husband nyuhgan.gal [more]
people husband ; sister's husband ; brother in law (sister's husband) nyubang, nyubangdjar [more]
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