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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
language Galabal galabal [more]
language Galibal galibal [more]
gape nyahnbira- [more]
body_part gape ; yawn ngahnybir [more]
generous ganahngin [more]
gently ; softly ngamaweh [more]
get ; catch mira- (?) [more]
language ghost ; shade ; shadow (of a human being) nguru [more]
language ghost ; spirit maguy [more]
language giant ; God ; father buyuny [more]
body_part giddy ; drunk bibuhr [more]
artifact gift mulgir [more]
people girl galaygan [more]
people girl ; woman, young wulbang, wulbanggan [more]
people girl ; young girl ; girl, young jabuny [more]
people girl ; young girl ; girl, young jundal [more]
people girl from 8-15 years mudjulam [more]
people girl, single ; single girl jahgari (?) [more]
give gali- [more]
give wula- [more]
give (to) wiya-, windji- [more]
animal give birth (of animal) nyamul bira-/burah- [more]
go gawa- [more]
go giyuwa? [more]
go yanmali- [more]
go ; come numbali- [more]
go ; present, be no longer (?) wali- [more]
go ; walk yan-, yana-, yanba-, yan.ga- [more]
go above waygaya- [more]
go across ; go over ; cross over naringga- [more]
go across ; go over ; cross over ngaringga- [more]
go away gin.gilawuna- [more]
go down gargi-, garga- [more]
artifact go down (M) duluhwa- [more]
natural_environment go in ; enter ; put on (clothes) ; swim (?) ; set (sun) gayi- [more]
go round galgama- [more]
go, walk yan-, yana-, yan.ga- [more]
reptile goanna jiwah, giwa [more]
reptile goanna yawgar [more]
reptile goanna yawgar, yawgargin(y) [more]
reptile goanna, laced monitor giwa, jiwah [more]
reptile goanna, sand ; sand goanna gudjin [more]
reptile goanna, smaller species of mugil [more]
reptile goanna, tree ; tree goanna ; goanna ngamahl [more]
language God dugunda(h) [more]
people going ; walk ; visitor (Wa) ; traveller (Gd) yanbay [more]
good banyahr [more]
good bawgal [more]
good (middling so) banyahr-gali [more]
body_part good ; happy ; well ; good health, in banyahr, banyar [more]
good ; pleasant ; beautiful ; nice ; quiet bugal [more]
good, very ; very good bugal-bugalehn [more]
gooseberry, native gudjberi [more]
people grandfather ; grandson ngadjang [more]
people grandmother gami [more]
people grandmother ; mother's mother ; mother's sister ; granddaughter ; grandchild bahbany, bahbuny [more]
plant grass bangil [more]
plant grass widal [more]
plant grass yihdjang [more]
plant grass ; generic grass (Gd) ; grass (generic) (Gd) wudjang [more]
plant grass for bed ; grass bed ; bed of grass gulbili [more]
plant grass patch enclosed by scrub (?) wayan-wayan [more]
natural_environment grass patch enclosed by scrub ; scrub enclosed patch of grass gawlang [more]
plant grass tree garul [more]
plant grass, bladey ; bladey grass barul, baruhl [more]
plant grass-tree bumbinbihn-baral [more]
location grass-tree garabahndiny [more]
plant grass-tree gargal [more]
plant grass-tree gargarnamban [more]
insect grasshopper dibireh, dibihr [more]
insect grasshopper nyinyahn [more]
plant grassy yihdjanggam [more]
grave duwani jagunda [more]
colour grave jargal [more]
greedy ; stingy munum [more]
reptile green snake ; snake, green ; whip snake ; snake, whip yirany, yurany [more]
animal grey kangaroo rat ; kangaroo rat, grey galagay [more]
body_part grey(headed) gidjur [more]
body_part greyheaded gidjurgin [more]
body_part gristle ; sinew ; tendon ; vein nahr [more]
food grog ; beer gira, gara [more]
fish groper gadjang [more]
natural_environment ground ; earth ; land ; country jagun [more]
location ground suffix ; place suffix -dja [more]
natural_environment ground where cedars grow wudjebah [more]
body_part grow duran-an.ga- [more]
animal growl nguhra- [more]
animal growl (of dog) ; moan nguhr [more]
insect grub, tree boring ; tree boring grub ; grub ; witchety grub jabam [more]
insect grub, witchety ; witchety grub jubar [more]
people Gugugan clan gugugan [more]
body_part gullet jugahla [more]
natural_environment gully gabang [more]
natural_environment gully gang(g)ir(?) [more]
natural_environment gully gunggir (?) [more]
natural_environment gully ; creek garbe [more]
plant gum ngawuny [more]
food gum ngiram, niyam [more]
plant gum tree dayrabay [more]
plant gum tree man.gar, man.gah [more]
plant gum tree (bally) ; tree, gum (bally) balugam [more]
plant gum tree ; tree, gum bibay, bibeh [more]
plant gum tree, flooded ; flooded gum tree man.gargin [more]
plant gum tree, spotted (Ng:Gresty) ; box tree, white (GC:Nerang:police) bibuy [more]
artifact gun dululbi, dulubi, dulul [more]
artifact gun mih-bula-dululbi [more]
language Gunggari language gunggari [more]
artifact gunyah, a ; humpy, single guhn [more]
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