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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
body_part faeces ; excreta dulwal [more]
body_part faeces ; shit duru, juru [more]
body_part faeces ; shit gunang [more]
fall garundja- (garundjali-) [more]
natural_environment fall (of rain) bayili- [more]
fall ; come off beh- [more]
fall ; disappear ; go away ; drop ban-, ban.ga-, bi- (Holm), ban-, bangga-, barwa-, banggi- (M:Liv) [more]
fall down ; tumble banba- [more]
false ; untrue ; lie ngandjar (nydj) [more]
food family janabi nyubani [more]
bird fantail fly-catcher, black jingir-jingi(h)r [more]
far ; long gawal, gawul [more]
body_part fart ; pass wind bihdjidj [more]
fast wuginy, guginy [more]
body_part fat gadjul, gadjur [more]
body_part fat wadjeru, wadjir [more]
body_part fat wamin [more]
food fat ; grease wadjir, wudjir [more]
people father bidjang (Wi), biyang (M, Ng) [more]
people father ; father's brother ; uncle (father???s brother) biyang [more]
people father ; father's brother ; uncle (father???s brother) biyang, bidjang, biyul [more]
people father ; father's brother ; uncle (paternal) babang [more]
people father's sister ; aunt ngaruny [more]
body_part features ; face yiburuh [more]
food feed (someone) jabinma- [more]
body_part feel manyi- (?) [more]
senses feel ; touch manyay/manyi-an.ga- [more]
female ; she guwam (?) [more]
plant fern gamiru [more]
plant fern, ground ; ground fern galmuhran [more]
few (not many) yugam garal [more]
few, a bidjangbu [more]
plant fig tree buyeh [more]
plant fig tree margan [more]
plant fig tree margan (murgan?) [more]
plant fig tree, large leafed bawar [more]
plant fig, blue ; blue fig gulun [more]
plant fig, large (Tw) ; wild fig (Mur) ; fig, wild (Mur) ; fig, small (Ngr) jambul(gam) [more]
fight bumalehn [more]
bird fight gawgan [more]
fight ; battle gumar [more]
fight with spear, boomerang (and tomahawk) and shield nabali- [more]
artifact fighting waddy belonging to the God Javreen or Jabreen jabir-bilam [more]
fill dambur-an.ga- [more]
fill up damburma- [more]
fish fin garehny, garehn [more]
fish fin yehr, yahr [more]
fine day ; good looking balabir (?) [more]
location Fingal Caves muy-ngagambah [more]
location Fingal Head ; Pooningbahooningbah or Fingal Head bunihnyba [more]
body_part fingernail ; hand/finger tip/end danggan baray [more]
body_part fingernail ; toenail ; claw ; fishing line dungguny [more]
body_part fingernails dun.ganah baray [more]
reptile finished gurabu [more]
finished ; dead gurulbu, gurabu [more]
finished ; done gumbiny [more]
food fire ; camp ; firewood ; firestick ; matches ; spark ; light of fire waybar, wehbar [more]
food fire ; smoke jalu [more]
insect firefly ; fireflies jalngay [more]
first ; before ngulungbu [more]
time first ; foremost ; before ; in front ; soon ; later on ngulung, ngulungmay [more]
fish fish (?) yanbula [more]
fish fish (generic) ; mullet ; young mullet ; mangrove mullet ; mullet, young ; mullet, mangrove jalum Listen [more]
bird fish hawk wungaw(?) [more]
fish fish scale nyiyahm [more]
artifact fish spear jagay [more]
food fish with hook and line jalum bira- [more]
fish fish, any little gadjin [more]
fish fish, any little jalum-jalum [more]
fish fish, diamond ; diamond fish ngululi, guluwi [more]
fish fish, long-tom ; long-tom fish gidjayi [more]
bird fish-hawk, grey ; grey fish-hawk bihyin [more]
natural_environment fishing net ; net, fishing dawur [more]
artifact fishing net ; net, fishing ngarbany [more]
five bulah-bulah-yabur [more]
food flat ; smooth barbang [more]
natural_environment flat land ; plain ; level country ; land, flat ; country, level bamay [more]
fish flathead dagan [more]
natural_environment flats (Y:Hanln) gununggay [more]
insect flea gidjiwang [more]
insect flea jindil [more]
flee (in panic) yaruh-yaruh(li)- [more]
food flesh ; meat (muscle or flesh) yigam [more]
flick (of tail) (?) (Ng:Gresty) bay [more]
artifact flint knife ; knife jungur [more]
artifact flintstone knife ; knife, flintstone jungurgun [more]
bird flock pigeon ; pigeon, flock mamugin (mamugam?), mamugany [more]
bird flock pigeon ; pigeon, flock- barbam [more]
bird flock pigeon ; pigeon, flock- barbam, baruban, barbung [more]
natural_environment flood ; waterfall ngulahr [more]
natural_environment flooded ground bubigan [more]
food flour bulerah [more]
plant flower budjarbiny, budjarbin(y) [more]
plant flower wangara [more]
insect fly junbar, janbar [more]
fly wayah- [more]
bird fly ; fly away ; creep ; swim yaruh-, yaruhli- [more]
animal flying fox guyung [more]
animal flying fox ; fruit bat ; bat, fruit giraman [more]
animal flying fox ; fruit bat ; bat, fruit girang, girung [more]
animal flying fox ; fruit bat ; bat, fruit ; fox, flying gihrang [more]
animal flying fox's wing garimanday [more]
animal flying squirrel ; squirrel, flying jirwururahwra, jirwurarawra, jiruhrurahwra [more]
animal flying squirrel, large ; stingray wayam, wehm [more]
animal flying squirrel, small warahr [more]
natural_environment fog ; mist dubany [more]
food food bulur [more]
food food jahla [more]
food food jangul [more]
food food nungany, nuwang [more]
food food nuwang [more]
people fool wanggum, wanggum-gang [more]
body_part foot (?) yamundawi [more]
body_part foot ; feet ; handle of implement jinang [more]
natural_environment footprint ; track ; track of a foot jarahr [more]
natural_environment footprints ; tracks jinang-jinang [more]
body_part forehead ngihr [more]
body_part forehead yinmir [more]
animal forepaw maman [more]
natural_environment forest bubar [more]
bird forest kingfisher ; kingfisher, forest dingdingin [more]
natural_environment forest, light ; forest, dry gaban-gabahn [more]
senses forget wangali-, wangal [more]
plant fork of tree or small plant midjil, midjul [more]
four bula bula [more]
four bulah-bulah [more]
natural_environment freeze jirun-, jiruni- [more]
natural_environment fresh water crossing ; Nerang township site name birbi [more]
people friend ; owner (Y:Allen) jimbalang, jimbaram, jimbelang, jimbilan [more]
friendship jimbalangari [more]
senses frighten ; scare (?) duhyiny-an.ga- [more]
frightened ; afraid dulang [more]
fr frog jahrany [more]
fr frog ; big brown frog (Culhm) ; frog, big brown (Culhm) wandjal [more]
from ; of (as in 'afraid of') -banyi [more]
from ; out of ; through ; over -nu [more]
natural_environment frost bargam [more]
natural_environment frost jubar Listen [more]
natural_environment frost ; Pleiades ; Seven Sisters jirun(y) [more]
fun ngahridjan [more]
funny ; mirth provoking munyung-munyung [more]
animal fur gahr, gara [more]
further gawal-banggil [more]
further gawal-bidjang [more]
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