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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
colour dark ; darkness ; black duwan, duwan-duwan [more]
time dark ; night ; midnight nalu [more]
location Daroby darubi (barubi?) [more]
people daughter ; niece (woman's sister's daughter or male's brother's daughter) muyumgan [more]
time dawn ; (first) daylight ; daylight (first) wudjir(bu) [more]
time dawn ; daybreak dihlbi [more]
time day ; daybreak ; dawn barabang [more]
time day ; daytime ; sun time ; hot/warm time ; heat from sun nyanggay [more]
natural_environment day ; midday ; daytime ; daylight numgir [more]
time daybreak budjaru-budjaru [more]
time daybreak budjur-budjur [more]
natural_environment daylight namgir [more]
time daylight ; dawn wudjir, wudjirah(bu) [more]
dead ban.gehn [more]
dead dabalehn [more]
dead dahba-, dahbalehn [more]
dead gilang [more]
dead gilang, gilangan, gilang-wehn (?) [more]
language dead person's spirit ; spirit ; person recently deceased nguru wandehn [more]
language dead woman ; ghost, female dawargan, dawaragan [more]
senses deaf binang guny [more]
body_part deaf guwanggum [more]
senses deaf wangalbang [more]
body_part deaf ; unhearing ganngah-djam [more]
senses deaf ; unhearing wangal, wangam [more]
body_part deaf ; weak ears ; weak hearing binangah-djam, binangahmang [more]
death ban.gehn [more]
reptile death adder mundjeralgan, munulgum, mandulgam, mandulgum, manduhr-gam, munduhrgam [more]
reptile death adder mundulguhm(?) [more]
reptile death adder munulgum [more]
reptile death adder nyindumba [more]
deep giwal (?) [more]
deep gurul, gurahl [more]
delay gulgahl [more]
derivational affix -bara [more]
derivational affix (?) -djur [more]
derivational suffix bu [more]
descend ; come down ; go down ; down, come ; down, go gahgi-, gahga- [more]
senses desire ginggilyari-(?) [more]
body_part diarrhoea madjir-madjir [more]
body_part diarrhoea ; dysentry gunanggang [more]
die dahbam [more]
die gilang-an.ga- [more]
dig ; bury duwa- [more]
artifact digging stick ; yamstick ; ironbark spear ; spear, ironbark ganay, ganaybah (ganahy?) [more]
artifact dilly bag ; bag, dilly gulgany [more]
artifact dilly bag made of swamp rushes dili, jila [more]
artifact dilly bag of split grass bindan [more]
animal dingo gurgany [more]
animal dingo nalgal, ngalgal (?) [more]
animal dingo ngalgal, nalgal (?) [more]
animal dingo ; dog, wild yurginy Listen [more]
dive galgali- [more]
dive ; enter ; swim giya- [more]
bird diver, black ; black diver biyargin [more]
bird diver, black and white dangdang [more]
natural_environment do (?) dima- [more]
do ; make ; make to do something ; cause to be or do ; causative -ma [more]
do anything in a great manner (loudly, greatly, full, heavily) garah(ya-) [more]
do while carrying -ndi/-nda [more]
body_part doctor ; make well by doctoring banyahrma warima- [more]
animal dog ming [more]
animal dog's bark ; bark of a dog bigba-, bawgbal [more]
language dog, mythical yinerugan [more]
bird Dollar-bird dawdawgan [more]
fish dolphin ; porpoise gawandeh [more]
don't wunah [more]
don't ; leave off wanah [more]
bird dove, small mumbir-mumbir [more]
bird down feathers ; feathers, down jimi [more]
location downwards ; down ; below ; into juy [more]
bird Dragoon-bird ; bird, Dragoon- jahwun.gawang [more]
body_part dream barehban-an.ga- [more]
dress (get dressed) banmali- [more]
natural_environment driftwood in a river ; rubbish bindim [more]
drink ja- gung [more]
body_part drink jaga- [more]
food drink jayinda- [more]
body_part drink juwa- [more]
food drink of water gung juga- [more]
drip jumginy-an.ga- [more]
drop ; fall jumgaba-, jumgahba- [more]
natural_environment drought guwang-djam [more]
drown muru gaya- [more]
artifact drum bangan [more]
dry daram [more]
bird duck, wood ; wood duck ngahwun [more]
location Dugandan dugandan [more]
fish dugong yungan, yun.gan [more]
dumb ngawray-djam [more]
bird Dusky Moorhen mubay-mubay [more]
dwarf mulgulang [more]
dying jang gamay yalyal [more]
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