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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
plant cabbage tree palm ; palm, cabbage tree banggam [more]
body_part calf of leg ; leg, lower buyu [more]
language call ; call out ; sing out ; call to ; shout at ; make noise ; rumble (of thunder) gangga- [more]
call ; order (?) guwa(li)- [more]
senses calm durun.gul-, jurun.gal [more]
calm jurungal, durungul- [more]
camp jiman [more]
camp (a group of ngumbiny or huts) (Watsn) diman, jiman [more]
artifact camp ; house ; hut ; dwelling ; blanket ; rag ; cover ; bark ngumbiny [more]
natural_environment camp ; hut ; ashes diman [more]
camp, a gudjin [more]
plant canes ; reeds bandin [more]
artifact canoe gundal, gundul [more]
artifact canoe nambargul [more]
artifact canoe ; boat galgar, galgir [more]
artifact canoe ; boat galgir [more]
artifact canoe ; boat gandul [more]
location Canungra ; place of the night owl garanggam [more]
location Cape Byron garanbi [more]
capsize garuba-, garubandi-, garubili- [more]
senses careless garul-garuhl [more]
reptile carpet snake ; snake, carpet gabul [more]
reptile carpet snake ; snake, carpet jugal [more]
plant carrabin, red garbin(y) [more]
carry ; do while carrying ; do with ; go along with -ndi [more]
carry ; take wahra- [more]
bird catbird jigay, jihgay, jigaybil [more]
bird catbird (Y:Hanln) ; satin bowerbird (Ngr:Gresty) ; rifle bird ; bowerbird, satin (Ngr:Gresty) yahdj [more]
catch bamgahbili- [more]
catch ; take ; hold ; carry ; bring ; obtain ; to pick up , to remove from one place to another gahng-, gahnga-, gahngga- [more]
fish catfish juhbi [more]
fish catfish muligam [more]
fish catfish ngulam [more]
fish catfish wagany [more]
fish catfish yurihn.gali [more]
fish catfish ; mullet (Y:Watsn) mulanyam [more]
food cause or make a fire waybarma- [more]
cause something minyangba- [more]
natural_environment cave ngaruy [more]
plant cedar, red ; red cedar wudje(h), wudjeh [more]
food celestial food for departed spirits above, a ; departed spirits above, a celestial food for marbil, marabil [more]
insect centipede bayahr, barahr Listen [more]
language ceremony of man-making ; kippar initiated male ; male, kippar initiated ; man-making, ceremony of gibar [more]
food charcoal ; embers nguwiny-nguwiny [more]
senses charm ; stun bibuhr-an.ga- [more]
chase baya- [more]
chase ; catch gahya- [more]
animal chase ; hunt ; drive (animals) gaya-, gayi- [more]
food chase ; hunt ; drive (animals) gayi-, gaya- [more]
chase ; swim gayi-(l), gaya- [more]
body_part cheek janggahn [more]
body_part cheek junggang, jungala [more]
body_part cheek ; jaw ; jawbone ; face nugal [more]
plant cherry tree (Gn) jidjiman [more]
body_part chest dumirgan, dumehrgan, dumilgan [more]
body_part chest dumurgan [more]
body_part chew diranggu ja- [more]
food chew jabali- [more]
people chief (in fighting) dayalgam [more]
people child ; children ; baby jahdjam, jahgam [more]
people child ; children ; baby jahdjam, jahgam [more]
chilly wahgaru (wuguru) [more]
body_part chin yarany [more]
bird chip chip bird ; bird, chip chip dumdumgan [more]
body_part choke wulba- [more]
bird chook ; chicken ; hen ; domestic fowl jugi-jugi [more]
food chop ; cut ; split firewood galga- [more]
insect cicada ; locust bilibirin, biribirim, bilbiriny [more]
insect cicada ; locust, big ; locust yirimbam, biribirim, bilibirin [more]
body_part cicatrice ; ritual scar (stripe) ; ritual scars on breast ; scar ; scar, ritual (stripe) ; scars, ritual (on breast) gamban [more]
food cinders wihl [more]
bird claws of a bird ; bird, claws of jilang [more]
natural_environment clay dalan, dalang, jalang, dalang [more]
natural_environment clay jirguruhr [more]
natural_environment clay wang(g)ang (?), wung(g)ung [more]
natural_environment clay (?) wungung (?) [more]
natural_environment clay ; stones malu (?) [more]
clear bugir-an.ga- [more]
natural_environment clear (land) bagiri- [more]
natural_environment clear ground garahr [more]
location Cleveland ban.ginbany [more]
clever (expert) wubihn, wubin [more]
people clever (person) wiyung, wuyung, wuyun [more]
people clever (person) ; cleverman wuyung, wiyung, wuyun [more]
people clever ; clever man bugur [more]
people clever man gundir [more]
people clever man ; man, clever warima [more]
climb ; ascend ; go up wandi- [more]
location close (?) ; near (?) yinanga [more]
location close ; near bundagahl [more]
location close ; near janyang [more]
senses closer and closer didjangmihbu [more]
natural_environment cloud junggun, junggan, junygun, juhgun [more]
artifact club marandang (murudjang (?)) [more]
artifact club ; nulla-nulla ; chopper ; waddy ; fighting stick jabir [more]
clumsy jam [more]
insect cobra (teredo) worm gumbaw [more]
insect cobra (teredo) worm ; worm, cobra (teredo) gumbu [more]
bird cockatoo (black) with yellow feathers on its tail muyum [more]
bird cockatoo, black balireh, biliran [more]
bird cockatoo, black with red feathers ; black cockatoo with red feathers ngarehr [more]
bird Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested ; Sulphur-crested Cockatoo gehr Listen [more]
bird cockatoo, white ; white cockatoo gehr, gehrang Listen [more]
bird cockatoo, yellow-tailed black ; yellow-tailed black cockatoo girayir, gireh [more]
natural_environment cockle wuhng (?), wahgun, wuhgan [more]
plant Cockspur plant ; lime tree (Cudgen) ; pine tree (Mur) gulanybil [more]
fish cod gugumban [more]
fish cod, saltwater ; saltwater cod dugu(h) [more]
cold muruny [more]
natural_environment cold ; cool ; freezing ; winter waring, waring(gal) Listen [more]
natural_environment cold season ; winter waringginy [more]
artifact comb bimbar [more]
come wamginy + -an.ga- [more]
come wamginy, wambin- [more]
come wumginy + -an.ga- [more]
come (?) bay [more]
come ; come back ; come this way yanggiwa-, yan.giwa- [more]
come back ; return numbuh- [more]
come here! ; come on! guway Listen [more]
natural_environment come out (e.g. the sun) ; get out ; get up ; arise ; appear ; wake up ; come into view baya- [more]
reptile Common Grass Skink ; Skink, Common Grass ; frilled lizard (?) (Ym) ; lizard, frilled (?) (Ym) ; lizard ; small house lizard ; lizard, small house juluhn [more]
people companion nawan [more]
complete aspect in Y -hn, -ni [more]
location Condong gandang [more]
artifact container for water nugan [more]
senses contentment ; happiness narunyehn [more]
continue ; keep going mahguwi- [more]
continuous suffix -ri [more]
location Coochin-Coochin gudjin-gudjin [more]
people Coojingburra clan gudjihnbar [more]
food cook gurugu [more]
location Cook Island jungar-ngahriyahn, jungar-ngahriyan [more]
location Cooloon gulun [more]
location Coombabah ; pocket of land ; land, pocket of gumbabah [more]
location Coomera gumar [more]
bird coot galundirgin [more]
reptile copper snake ; snake, copper garalbay [more]
body_part copulate ; have sex jugali- [more]
natural_environment coral garar, garul [more]
plant Coral-tree ; Erythrina vespertilio ; tree, Coral baga-bagah [more]
bird cormorant, big and black bigargin [more]
language corroboree bumahla-ngahrilihgu [more]
language corroboree ; corroboree song yawahr [more]
language corroboree ; corroboree song yuwahr [more]
corroboree type girahny [more]
language corroboree type girihny, girahny [more]
language corroboree, type of waguya, waguyiya [more]
location Cougal gugal [more]
body_part cough ginyilgay-an.ga- [more]
body_part cough ginyilgay, gingilgay [more]
count ; measure ; lead juriga- [more]
natural_environment country jalay [more]
natural_environment country ; ground ; earth jagun, jan, -dja [more]
court mehbilam-an.ga- [more]
people cousin gudjarang, gudjaraggan [more]
people cousin yurbul [more]
artifact cover ; hut ; house or blanket ; blanket or house ngambany [more]
senses covet gudjahlbelim-an.ga- [more]
location Cowarragum ; flat above Pumbinbil gawargam [more]
fish crab species, small jabi-jabi [more]
fish crab, sand ; sand crab winyam [more]
bird crane, gigantic (Y:Hanln) ; gigantic crane (Y:Hanln) ; snipe (Cudgen) gilin-gilin [more]
bird crane, grey ; heron, lead-coloured ; crane, blue wulbuh [more]
body_part cranky ; peevish or querulous owing to ill health (Y:Allen) garu-garulehn [more]
fish crayfish buragin [more]
fish crayfish galum (galuhm?) [more]
fish crayfish ningi-ningi (nindji-nindji) [more]
fish crayfish ; yabby mulany, mulayim [more]
fish crayfish, freshwater ; lobby ; yabby bimbim [more]
natural_environment creek girimbam [more]
natural_environment creek jarangbin(y) [more]
natural_environment creek ; river balun Listen [more]
natural_environment creek bank ; bank of creek mambay [more]
natural_environment creek, crooked bandal [more]
natural_environment creek, fresh water ; creek crossing (fresh water) ; fresh water crossing wuranggari (?) [more]
natural_environment creek, gully, small creek ; trickling watercourse ; watercourse, trickling ; creek, small garbi [more]
natural_environment creek, small yangil [more]
crooked garuhni(?) [more]
crooked ; curved ; aside guruhny [more]
bird crop of bird nuwang jalanyah [more]
people cross-cousin yirbang (m), yirbanggan (f), gudjarang (m), gudjaranggan (f) [more]
people cross-cousin yirbul, yirbangdjar(gan) [more]
natural_environment crossing, shallow ; shallow crossing jalalah [more]
bird crow (?) (AT) galguraw [more]
body_part crown of head ; head, crown of bile-bileh [more]
artifact crown, ornamental ; ornamental crown muguhn, muhgan? [more]
plant crows nest jumbil, juhmbil [more]
senses cry, cause to dunggilima- [more]
bird Cuckoo, channel-billed ; Channel-billed Cuckoo derang [more]
bird cuckoo, pallid ; pallid cuckoo ; storm-bird biyang-biyang [more]
location Cudgera gadjir [more]
plant cudgery tree ; tree, cudgery gadjir [more]
plant cunjevoi tree budjeh [more]
plant cunjevoi, scrub arum ; scrub arum, cunjevoi gandjibuy (?) [more]
bird curlew ; plover, stone ; stone plover buyuhlgan, buruhlgan, buruwagan(?) [more]
location cut galawa- [more]
body_part cut ; cut from a knife jungur, junguru [more]
cut ; slice ; saw gawga- [more]
body_part cut made with a knife ; cicatrice ; ornamental cicatrices on body jungurgal, jungurgul [more]
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