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The words in black are common to the Yugambeh-Bundjalung language group, the words in green are unique to Yugambeh.

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Word List

Category English Yugambeh
people baby juradjum, yuramgan [more]
people baby yuramgan, yuran.gan [more]
people baby, female jahbu-yahgari [more]
body_part back bihyan(?) [more]
body_part back biyun(?) [more]
body_part back gumbar [more]
body_part back (behind?) gumbah [more]
body_part back, small of garabul, garbul [more]
body_part backside wande [more]
body_part backside ; buttocks gumu (?) [more]
bad jung [more]
senses bad ; badly ; sour ; harmful ; no good ; cheeky ; badness ; rubbish jang [more]
bad ; no good jahm-djang [more]
senses bad ; wicked ; cross wahrang [more]
body_part bad, something ; something bad ; pain jangwany [more]
bad, very banyahr-djang [more]
artifact bag ; rush (reed) used for bag making jili [more]
artifact bag of split grass bunbeh, bunbi [more]
artifact bailer shell ; basin ; pot ; billycan ; water container nyugam, nyugan [more]
animal bandicoot yaguy, yagihl, yawgu, yaguny [more]
animal bark (dog) bigba- [more]
food bark (dry) for kindling ; kindling, dry bark dun.geh [more]
artifact bark (of tree) (Gd) ; canoe ; boat bagul [more]
plant bark of tree gundul (gandul?) [more]
plant bark of tree (?) barul, baruh [more]
plant bark of tree ; boat ; canoe gundul [more]
food bark, dry junggi (jun.geh) [more]
barter ; trade nilguwa- [more]
animal bat biling [more]
bathless gaya-djam [more]
natural_environment bay garuhn [more]
natural_environment bay garun, garuhn [more]
natural_environment bay jindirah [more]
be ; become -an.ga-, -angga- [more]
be careful! nyah-nya(h) [more]
natural_environment beach ; sea bunbar [more]
natural_environment beach ; sea burgar [more]
bird beak muru gurahr [more]
body_part beak ; mouth jeyang, jehng [more]
body_part bear ; give birth (of woman) jahdjam bira-, jahdjam bura- [more]
body_part beard yarany, jarany, yariny [more]
body_part beard ; hair of beard jarany [more]
body_part beardless yugam yarany [more]
location Beaudesert manaldjahli [more]
bird beautiful ; pretty gubil [more]
beautiful ; pretty jagahygam [more]
beautiful ; pretty jagihgan [more]
beautiful ; pretty wubil, gubil [more]
natural_environment beautiful headland (probably Caloundra) galuhndar [more]
natural_environment because of the inlet from the sea bilanggil [more]
artifact bed galbili [more]
insect bee nugay [more]
insect bee (generic) nyugay [more]
insect bee ; bees ; English bee ; native bee (light coloured or white) ; honey gabay [more]
insect bee, black gudjabunggal [more]
insect bee, Italian ; bee, English nyugay, yugay, nyugay bargal [more]
insect bee, native dark-coloured (Y:Watsn) ; native bee, dark coloured (Y:Watson) ; honey (M) gudji [more]
insect bee, native sweet ; native sweet bee gudjabul [more]
insect bee, queen ; queen bee nyugay(gan) [more]
insect bees wax ; wax, bees muhy [more]
insect beetle bihn.gin [more]
insect beetle bin.gin-bin.gin [more]
time before ; previously wayrabu [more]
begin ; play nabi, nabeh- (?) [more]
artifact bell jing-jing [more]
body_part belly jigir [more]
body_part belly ; stomach julba [more]
body_part belly ; stomach mirung [more]
body_part belly ; stomach muhng [more]
belonging to me ; mine ngayahdjil [more]
artifact belt (of net-work) gargahn, garguhn [more]
artifact belt, a wayan-gubi/wahn-gubi [more]
bend bulahnde- [more]
food bend bulandeh [more]
language Berrung berang, berung [more]
plant berry balun-balun (bulun-buluhn?) [more]
beware wahr [more]
beware, watch out! wa! [more]
location beyond bagar [more]
beyond bagar-djang [more]
big gamagay [more]
big gamay [more]
big (?) baralany [more]
big ; large gamay [more]
artifact big ; plenty gamay-djang [more]
Bilambil bilambil [more]
bird bird yiriliny [more]
bird bird (any sort) nyungambil, nyumbil [more]
bird bird's track gulawan [more]
bird bird, any bihrin, birin [more]
bird bird, any nyumbil, nyungambil [more]
bird bird, dollar ; dollar bird jurgari [more]
bird bird, redhead (Y:Alln) ; redhead bird (Y:Alln) ; Swamp-hen, Eastern wagay-wagay [more]
bird bird, regent nyangga [more]
bird bird, regent ; bowerbird, regent ; regent bird nyangga, nangga-nangga, nyanggar [more]
bird bird, satin ; satin bird wamban [more]
bird bird, small (species) nyuwanybil [more]
bird birds, many little buliya-buliya [more]
location Birinburra clan, at head of Nerang River ; Nerang River, Birinburra clan at head of birihnbar [more]
body_part birth nyamul gayiribini [more]
bite ; sting ying-, yingga-, yinga-, nyingga- [more]
bite, a yinggan/yingun [more]
food bitter ; sour ; sweet, not julahy, julay [more]
colour black duhndun, duwan-duwan, duwun [more]
colour black duwun, duhndun [more]
insect black ant ; ant, black giny-giny [more]
natural_environment black paint ; charcoal ; embers ; soot ; paint, black nguhny [more]
animal black possum, female ; possum, black (female) dundanngahw [more]
reptile black scrub goanna ; goanna, black scrub bawyam [more]
reptile black scrub lizard ; lizard, black scrub gabalgin, gabalginy [more]
reptile black snake ; snake, black dirany [more]
reptile black snake ; snake, black juhm-guwang [more]
reptile black snake ; snake, black jumgung, jumgum, jumgu (?) [more]
bird Black Swan ; Swan, Black ginibi [more]
bird black swan ; swan, black ginygar [more]
bird black swan ; swan, black muru-gudji [more]
bird black swan ; swan, black ; magpie goose bigargin [more]
plant Black wattle ; wattle, Black dahringen [more]
fish blackfish bilgan, birgan [more]
fish blackfish biragan, biligan [more]
body_part bladder baleh [more]
artifact blanket ngumban [more]
body_part bleed gumar-an.ga- [more]
blend bulany [more]
body_part blind balany [more]
senses blind jahy (?) [more]
senses blind mih-balum [more]
body_part blind mih-djam [more]
body_part blind milbang [more]
body_part blind mubi [more]
body_part blind nyahnydjam, nyahndjam [more]
body_part blink ; close the eyes nyumgi- [more]
body_part blood badjil, badjul [more]
body_part blood ; veins gumar [more]
plant bloodwood tree bungaw [more]
plant bloodwood tree burgin [more]
plant bloodwood tree ; red bloodwood tree bunaw [more]
food blow cool ; blow out ; extinguish ; put out (fire) baluba-, baluma- [more]
plant blue gum ; gum, blue (tree) ; gum man.gar [more]
reptile blue tongue lizard ; lizard, blue tongue gubagan, gabugan [more]
blunt maran [more]
reptile blunt marun [more]
blunt ngubur [more]
blunt nugur [more]
language boast gunyba- [more]
language boast muwi muwi-nyihn [more]
artifact boat ; ship marinduy [more]
bobtailed jun.guhnun [more]
body_part body muwang [more]
body_part body yuwang [more]
people Boggangar clan baganggah [more]
body_part boil julur [more]
body_part bone(?) bang(g)an [more]
location Boolologung bulalugang(?), bulalagany [more]
artifact boomerang, fighting ; fighting boomerang waran [more]
artifact boomerang, large (Tw:Bray:Sc) barung(bah) [more]
artifact boomerang, non-returning barung [more]
artifact boot bunambil [more]
artifact boot jinang-gaba [more]
language bora ground gabang [more]
language bora ground ; Bora Ring ; ring ; corroboree ground ; circle (for initiation) buhl [more]
language bora ring ; ring buwul, buhl [more]
body_part born ban.gahn [more]
both ngiring [more]
bother buyma-, buhyma- [more]
plant Bottlebrush mahram [more]
location bottom ; lower down ; in ; inside juyah [more]
body_part bowels binggeh(?) [more]
body_part bowels bing(g)ay, muh [more]
body_part bowels bulehn(?) [more]
body_part bowels muh, bing(g)ay [more]
bird bowerbird dulum [more]
bird bowerbird, regent ; regent bowerbird ngadjangah [more]
artifact bowl made from cork tree or bat tree wundal [more]
people boy balun, balungay [more]
people boy jabuh (Wi, M), jabuyil (M) [more]
people boy jabu, jabuh [more]
people boy under 12 years mulam [more]
people boy, little jabul [more]
body_part brain bangbang [more]
plant branches, small dinir [more]
senses brave ; daring ; courage ngidjahng [more]
senses brave ; fearless duhyiny-djam [more]
food bread burehn [more]
break ; smash gawa- [more]
natural_environment break ; smash jalmayma- [more]
fish bream, bony nguhlun [more]
body_part breasts ngamin [more]
body_part breathe buhwi-an.ga- [more]
body_part breathe ; pull ; tire buhyi, buhyi-an.ga- [more]
bring wamginy- [more]
bring ; fetch yangani- [more]
bring ; fetch yanganibuli-, yanganiburi- [more]
broad (?) bagahn (?) [more]
body_part broken bone galubar(?) [more]
bird brolga gilgil [more]
bird brolga muralmim [more]
bird brolga wurgilay, wurgili [more]
bird brolga ; native companion murulmany [more]
people brother gudarum [more]
people brother, female's; brother, male's younger banahm [more]
people Brunswick clan jalanggir [more]
location Brunswick River jurangbil [more]
plant brush box ; box, brush gurayir [more]
plant brush timber ; timber, brush gabirgay [more]
animal bull ganggal-gali [more]
fish bull rout fish jibi, jibirah [more]
animal bullock mira-mirabay (?) [more]
fish Bullrout Cod ; Cod, Bullrout jibi [more]
fish bullrout fish (Gresty) ; kipper (GC:Meston) gibirah, jibirah [more]
people Bulum bulam [more]
location Burleigh Head ; Burleigh or Big Burleigh jalinggul, jaling, jalurgul (?) [more]
food burn bara-, bahra- [more]
food burn ; cook guyba-, guybali- [more]
food burn ; roast ; cook by roasting or burning guyba- [more]
location Burringbah barungbah [more]
burst ban.ga- [more]
bury gun.gumani (gungguma-?) [more]
natural_environment bush ; country, rough and scrubb ; forest, rough and scrubby babar, babara(h) [more]
natural_environment bush ; scrub, big ; forest, thick ; rainforest (Wa) ; forest (Wa) woods (We) gabal [more]
body_part bushy (of hair) ; uncombed (of the hair) dugung [more]
bird butcher-bird gulgurang, gulguran [more]
body_part buttocks (N) ; posterior (person???s) bandang [more]
time by-and-by guba [more]
time by-and-by ; soon ; directly ngulungmay [more]
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